Points raised

  • Links and headings are important to those visually impaired. It is estimated that there are 170,000 people who are visually impaired and this figure is likely to increase as the population demography changes. Accessibility of the website is important to this user group

  • The current website is too busy and it is not easy to obtain the information that is required. There are too many pictures. The use of pictures and colours affects page load up time and also uses colour printer ink unnecessarily. The use of bullet points would be useful for clarity

  • No personal information should be held at all  apart from email , address name and telephone number. Everything should comply with the privacy issues of GDPR

  • The addition of useful links should be on the menu

  • How do you contact S.O.P.A? Suggestion of a new menu of About Us where information is held.

  • The address should not questionably not be on the menu. Who is the user/individuals looking at the website?

  • Content management system used is Spanglefish. This application should be acceptable for making changes to the website although WordPress may be useful.

  • Comments were made about th search engine – does it return the desired information

  • Annual reports are required on thesite.

Web Page Review


  • Too much text. Majority of text to go into About Us

  • Remove click to download

  • Website needs to be mobile friendly

  • Membership needs to be on a menu

  • There is a need for Action statements

2018 Assembly

  • Archive Assembly

  • Menu Change to assemblies

  • Too many pictures


  • Doubling up of News and Newsletter


  • No subheadings for 2018/2019

  • Frequency to be decided

  • Questions about content –frequency perhaps about 3 times per year


  • All Old

  • Confernce information is essentail


  • Random and possibly out of date

SOPA Planning Group

  • Should the SOPA trustess be at the top of the page?

Notes from Meetings

  • Do we need notes? Keep for a year then archive?


  • Remove


  • Remove


  • Remove


  • Need contact telephone. Need an option for queries


  • Possibly remove or have a postcode lookup