Personal Statement

My C.V. like most individuals is not perfect but I would like you to believe that what I have achieved has been on my own merit and nothing else.

I suffer from schizo-effective disorder and am a alcoholic. This may not be a selling point, but actually if you to know anything about the physical and mental abuse that I have been through then you would understand that I can actually do work that is mentally challenging and would be an asset to any organisation that requires a computer programmer/accountant  or even a befriender.

I am a very open-minded and non-judgmental individual who accepts people for who they are. I intend to utilize my existing skills so that others less fortunate than myself can benefit from them and move onto greater things. I believe that when well I am highly motivated with plenty of drive and passion. I am able to work on my own initiative, meet deadlines and solve complex problems. This can be confirmed both academically and my work experience when I have been well.


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