Academic Record




1964-1971 Shepards Hill Primary School

1971-1976 St George’s School  Windsor

Whitby C, No 22

  • 1st eleven won every single match that it played against all the other preparatory schools,
  • Set Leader of Revenge.
  • Left with Grade V Trombone and Grade V Theory.

Common Entrance Results November 1975

Grading 1-5 Theta – 1, 0 Fail ,1 Bare Pass 50%,2 Pass 60%, 3 Good Pass 70%,4 Excellent Pass -80% 5 Distinction – 90%

1th November  Science 3

10 November English I 1

11 November

1976-1980 Eton College
12 ‘O’ Levels: English Language E,D,C, English Literature C, Latin C, French C, Geography C, Chemistry C, History C, Mathematics C, General Studies B ,Physics D ,Music E

1st Trombonist for First Orchestra and Band for 3 years..

Captain of Junior Field  game and House Colours for Football and Field Game

Member of the Athaletics Team

‘A’ Levels: Biology(C), Geography(C), Chemistry(E)

Grade VI Trombone
1981-1984 Warwick University
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences III Obtained a viva for 49.5% Distinction in both projects
1997-1998 Huddersfield University
MSc Software Development  September 1997-1999IT.Infrastucture 28 then 45

Software Development Approach 0 then 44

Database design Using Oracle but Borland Delphi 1  50

Semester 2

Human Computer Interface 45

Neural Networks 69 – Perceptron Program

Software Design 69 – C++ and OOP

Semester 3


The use of Database Connectivity Tools over the Internet  using ColdFusion

2014 Napier University MSc Computer Science Part-Time

Passed with a 21 in Web Design and Development using C#.


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